Tom Duncan

Tom Duncan, a full-time professional genealogist, founded The Attic Genealogy Research in 2011 in Parker, Colorado. He has a degree in Advertising from Michigan State University and received his Genealogical Research Certificate from Boston University in 2016. Tom is a dedicated and expert researcher and is working towards becoming a board certified genealogist.
Tom began his genealogical journey as many do – by researching his own family history. After tracing both sides of his family back to their European roots and sharing the results with his family and friends, people began to ask “Hey, can you do that for me?” Tom found a passion for uncovering family histories beyond just his own, and has provided successful results to dozens of clients.

He is a member of Association of Professional Genealogists, the National Genealogical Society, the Colorado Genealogy Society, the New England Genealogical and Historical Society, New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, and the Wisconsin Historical Society.

“After losing both of my parents within the last five years, I became extremely interested in preserving their history in a place where our extended family could have access to it as well. I hired Tom to help me with this and WOW! What a tremendous job he did. He far exceeded my expectations, as well as my family’s.”

Chris Woodward-DuncanIndianapolis, IN

“After only two nice Guinness’s, I knew Tom Duncan could help me separate family fact from fiction in the three generations that the Flanagans have been in America—he didn’t disappoint being both reliable and reasonable.”

Timothy FlanaganDenver, CO

“Terrific Narrative Summary. Tom’s exhaustive research located new stories and clarified past rumors, thankfully. I initiated this late in life, but with Tom’s insight and competency, he got it done! We then shared with each generation. Outstanding results!”

Jim NelsonGrand Rapids, MI

“I had been working on our family’s genealogy for years and came to a complete stand still. Curious about our family’s past and not willing to give up searching for the answers, I reached out to Tom Duncan for help. Tom took our genealogy to another level. It seemed like every week he was communicating to me about interesting things he had found about our family. I think Tom had as much fun working on this project as I did and for that I thank him.”

Steve BudnackParker, CO

“Tom has been a tremendous help in researching my family tree.  I was astonished along the way at his progress as he uncovered more and more about my family I did not know.  His research is so thorough, and he finds hundreds of photos and documents to back it all up.  If you are considering hiring someone to help you, I urge you to choose Tom.  You won’t be disappointed.”

Craig ShannonDenver, CO
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