Genealogy Services

The Attic Genealogy Research offers a wide variety of genealogical services to fit any client needs or budgets. We provide comprehensive research, utilizing online resources whenever possible, and in-person, on location research when required or requested.

Services offered include:

• Complimentary initial consultation
• Full Family History/Lineage Development and Reporting
• DNA Testing Consultation and Evaluation
• Lineage Society Proof and Application Services
• Forensic Genealogy – Heir, Probate and Estate Research
• Transcription and Abstraction of Records

During an initial consultation, together we define your objectives by determining what information you would like to obtain (i.e. which surnames to research, number of generations, etc.) or which particular problem you would like to solve. We set an initial time limit for the research project (typically a minimum of 5 hours, but may be less for a narrowly-defined specific request); after which you decide whether to continue with any further research.

At The Attic Genealogy Research, we understand that everyone has different needs when they consider a family history project. Some may simply want to learn about a particular relative, where and when he or she was born, where they lived, what they did during their life. Others may want a full history of their family as far back as can be traced. We will work with you to develop your goals and objectives for your project and then determine a budget.

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